The company was founded in 1978 in order to set up a unique no-transhipment river-sea cargo transportation system.

It is joint venture of four ship owners :
• JSC Bulgarian River Shipping Company BRP/Ruse, Bulgaria/
• JSC Hungarian Steamship Company MAHART-FREEPORT/Budapest, Hungary/
• JSC North-Western Shipping Company NWSC/Saint Petersburg, Russia/
• JSC Slovak Shipping and Ports Company SPaP/ Bratislava, Slovakia/

ISC “INTERLIGHTER” provides multimodal tonnage traffic services in the Danube and through the Main-Danube- Rhine Channel to the network of West European waterways as well as integrated inland water/sea transportation of cargoes between the Danube area, inland waterway ports in Russia and the European coastal and river ports by means of the operated fleet .

ISC “INTERLIGHTER” and participants of the company operate inland ports in the Danube that are situated in Ruse, Vidin(Bulgaria), Bratislava, Komarno (Slovakia) and Győr-Gönyű(Hungaria) as well as a fleet of over 150 vessels of different types - coastal , river-sea , river , barges that are capable to carry wide range of cargoes .

ISC “INTERLIGHTER” offers handling of large scale of different types of cargoes including project cargoes, containerized and dangerous goods.

Annual volume of transported cargoes is about 500 000 tons.